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art is alive in NOLA

Creative New Orleans
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This community was created to be an all-encompassing arts community for the New Orleans area. There are lots of specific arts-related New Orleans communities (nola_stitch, nola_alteredbks, nola_photos, nola_theater, louisiana_film), but none that I am aware of that try to include artistic endeavors of all genres. Until now.

This should be a place to network with other artists, crafters, creators, and otherwise creatively inclined people in the area. Show us your artwork and creations, let us know about gallery openings, the play you're in, when your film premiere is happening, or the amazing new DIY finds you've discovered in our city. This is the place for the artists, the dreamers, the filmmakers, the photographers, the fashion designers, the knitters, the sculptors, the painters, the jewelry makers, and anyone with an inkling of creativity who happens to live in New Orleans to connect. There is so much art and creativity bursting at this city’s seams…let’s tell each other where it’s happening now and let’s make more of it happen tomorrow!


Although music is most definitely an artistic form, please refrain from posting concert/show/club events unless they are somehow tied into other forms of art and not just music. There are already tons of communities on the internet, both in LJ land and beyond, dedicated to music and music events in New Orleans. Performance art? Yes! Your band’s next show? No. Mixed media show where there will be live music in addition to a fashion show and spoken word poetry? Yes! Looking for a new drummer for your band? No. Want to find other people to collaborate on your multi-disciplinary art project? Yes!!!!!

Furthermore, please limit advertisements to art or craft related events, community projects, announcements and the like. No eBay listings please! Feel free to tell us about a project you're doing or a website you have, but actually describe it, make it personal, don't just post a banner or link.

If you post images, please only leave one small image outside of the LJ-cut. Anything else needs to go behind the cut tag!

For a list of arts-related links and communities, refer to this post.

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