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Special Benefit Show

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Crimes Against Nature: A Love Story - Benefit Fundraiser for Chris (Bacchanal) and Otter (Backyard Ballroom)

Saturday, April 5
$15 buy tickets
Call 504-948-9111 to order

> official website

Special Benefit Show!

Crimes Against Nature is a new and original musical by the troupe that brought you the notorious Palanquin Diaries. Crimes is a bizarre and twisted romantic comedy featuring a co-dependant dysfunctional relationship between Happy and Gaye Daye, who happen to be cousins (and they know it) as well as clowns (and they don’t know it.) The situation goes from bad to worse, and even worse, and then surprise! Roller Skates...then worse still… Not to worry, all romantic comedies have a happy ending! The show features animation by Thomas Little and Lisa vanWambeck and an original score by Ratty Scurvics.


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